Chrome OS Systems Supporting Android Apps

Digital Wellbeing & parental controlsEasily entry Digital Wellbeing & parental controls inside your phone’s Settings menu to create and keep wholesome digital habits for the whole household.

android studio 3.5

AndroidConnect your Android Gadget to Amazon Alexa, Android Telephone Name and extra. A set of samples to debate and showcase different architectural instruments and patterns for Android apps. An Android gadget utilizing focus mode to pick out Youtube, Information, and Gmail apps and designate as distracting. Let customers interact with practically any facet of their Google Drive content, together with sharing permissions, file revisions, and related apps.

Adaptive Battery improvementsLaunched in Android 9, this characteristic makes use of machine studying to foretell which apps you may use in the subsequent few hours and which you likely will not, so your phone solely spends battery energy on the apps you care about.

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